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Privacy Policy

Hyphen Concord GmbH
Data protection
As of 10/2020

This data protection declaration gives you an overview of how your data is handled at Hyphen Concord GmbH. It gilds for all websites, apps and other services and services offered by Hyphen Concord GmbH.

If you have a question about this data protection declaration or about data protection at Hyphen Concord GmbH, you can contact our team at [email protected] Please also send an e-mail to our team if you want to exercise your right to information or data deletion or a personal data protection right under Art. 15-22 GDPR, see the withdrawal of consent for marketing heard, the unsubscribe from the newsletter.

How you can read this privacy policy: We offer you different rights to read this privacy policy. There is some information of its own in this section. We have to have sorted this data protection declaration according to political topics for you and dealt with guidelines in individual chapters.

What does Hyphen Concord GmbH use my data for?
Hyphen Concord GmbH position your data under license of all applicable data protection laws. This is confirmed by the principles of data protection law for relationship personality data. Your data, which we explained on the basis of our data protection declaration or conditions communicated when the data was collected. These are primarily the purchase process and the administration, personalization and further development as well as the security of our services. In addition, we use your data in the context of the protection of German and digital data protection law, but also for additional, e.g. product development, scientific research and market research, for new business processes, the needs-based design of our services and for personalized advertising.

Information on websites
We have your data for the use of the Hyphen Concord GmbH websites. In addition to the device and access data that arise each time you use these services, the data of the processed data and the processing powers differentiate how you use the functions and services available through our services. In addition, we find the data that arise when using our services to see how our online claim will be. We use this information in the context of shopping personalization, to improve our services and for personalized advertising.

Information on social media fan pages
Hyphen Concord GmbH maintains a social media profile in the social relationships of Facebook and Instagram (belongs to "Fanpages"). On our fan pages we differentiate and share the same rights, rights and product recommendations. For every person on our fan pages or other Facebook or Instagram websites, the rights of social rights with cookies and the perception of your own behavior. Fanpage contacts can view general rights to the interests and general demographic relationships (e.g. age, gender, region) of the fanpage conversation. If you use social contacts, the art, the scope and the exercise of the data of the rights are in the first place of the persons concerned of the personal rights.